On the Road Again. Sleeping in Walmart Parking Lots Again. (Tacoma, WA)

Most of you probably haven’t considered the difference between RVers and Vanners, but in general, there is quite a chasm between the two groups. Vanning usually consists of a party no larger than two individuals, and likely a pet or two. Vanners consume 3-5 gallons of water per day, keep relatively little fresh food on … More On the Road Again. Sleeping in Walmart Parking Lots Again. (Tacoma, WA)

Stuck in Squamish

From the Yukon to British Columbia- the short version– long roads, dirt roads, going slow (25mph slow), mountains, snow, elk, caribou, bears, beauty beyond comparison, bison, van yoga, trouble getting uphill, burning breaks downhill, rivers and lakes for days, hot springs, hitchhikers, changing tires for others, a unicyclist, a wild Chili running free…. and climbing… … More Stuck in Squamish

Meet Sid.

We only met Sid for about 20 minutes, but in that time we thought you may like to meet him too. Sid, who spends his summers working as a mountaineering guide out of Palmer, AK., is traveling across Alaska and Canada on one wheel. His only means of transportation (other than his feet) is a … More Meet Sid.

The Call of the Van

All winter she remained quiet, wrapped in a tarp, parked in the driveway of my midtown Anchorage duplex. Not forgotten- once a month she would get to feel the warmth of her engine rumble. With the melting of the snow, and JB’s return to Alaska after a final year of law school in Florida, Connie will have a second … More The Call of the Van

Just GORGEous

A few months before leaving for this road trip I was inspired by a National Geographic Picture of the Day to visit The Columbia River Gorge (below). So that is where JB and I headed next. Before arriving at our state park campsite, JB and I attempted to find an outdoor bouldering spot but were … More Just GORGEous