About Us

Falafel, my favorite part of middle eastern cuisine, greasy fingers and garlic breath included. Less concerned about my potential future with JB, and more so preoccupied with the deep fried chickpea balls plated in front of me, I sat across from him with a seemingly insatiable appetite for my tahini saturated dinner: it was our second date and I wasn’t much for manners. What I lacked in pleasantries, Jb made up in small talk. A carefree surfer type, who felt the need to inform me of his plans to sail the world (on the cheapest boat he could find), followed up with the ultimatum of “if you can’t see yourself doing that, then it would probably be best to be friends.” Can’t a girl just enjoy her falafel without a side of life planning? I didn’t know if I should be flattered that he potentially saw a future with me so soon, or if I should be terrified by such an daunting second date comment. Instead I landed on, “Ahhh silly boy, don’t you know what I’m capable of…?”  I honestly don’t remember what I verbalized to him, but here we are, three years later, new owners of a 38′ Leopard.

I (Kristen) am a chemical engineer by degree, and yoga instructor by heart’s calling. Jb, currently working as a law clerk for a judge in St.Thomas, Virgin Islands, is soon to be boat captain and aspiring toilet builder. Collectively, we aim to use Ahimsa as a vessel to reduce suffering and spread love to the world.