Ahimsa Roasting : Coffee for a Cause

If you didn’t already know, JB and I really like coffee. With one whiff of a fresh roast I’m transported to everywhere I’ve experienced bliss: the top of a mountain, a cliff side overlooking the ocean, staring up to the sky lying amidst the Alaskan wildflowers…… Really just one sniff. 

In three and a half years of dating, JB has bought me two gifts. The first one came about a year into our relationship. It was a personal use coffee roaster; the Freshroast SR700—the perfect addition to my new Alaskan residence. I didn’t know what I was doing: I drank coffee the same day I roasted it (I even made other people drink it too)! Shame. JB got his own roaster in Florida, and although many miles away, we learned to roast coffee together. (The second gift was a yoga mat).

Aboard Ahimsa (although still labeled Lucille – which will change once we get to Florida), we enjoy our fresh roasted coffee. JB is the main roaster these days (since he claims to be the artisan), although I can roast a mean bean. He is currently in the process of building a propane roaster so that we don’t need to use a generator when roasting. Will update on that when it is complete.  

Now that we have been roasting for over two years we have become much more proficient, and much more addicted. We are self-acknowledged snobs—we refuse to drink any over-roasted, poorly-roasted, or flash-roasted beans. However, we fully enjoy sharing the gift of real coffee with those around us. If you are aboard Ahimsa though, we might force you to drink your coffee black – the only way to enjoy a hand crafted pour over or perfectly timed French press. 

Ahimsa Roasting is our first official coffee endeavor, it’s official because we got a stamp made. A huge thank you to the lovely, talented, friend of mine and graphic designer, Fabi <3. We hope to share our coffee with anyone who loves good coffee and wants to help a good cause. 50% of profit from selling our coffee will be donated to a cause of our choosing (i.e. natural disaster relief, ocean protection programs, animal shelters). We plan on selling coffee to nearby cruisers and charter folk. 

If you see “Lucille” in the harbor come by for a fresh pound or two of coffee for a good cause. We buy our green beans online via Green Coffee Buyers Club. It is a coffee community that allows us to purchase high quality beans from around the world at a reasonable price. Currently, we have about 70 pounds aboard – it is an addiction, we know. After trying many different beans over the past couple years we know how we like specific beans roasted, i.e. Ethiopia Sidamo tastes optimal at a different roast profile than Tanzania Peaberry. We prefer a light to medium roast, when brewed properly provides the best flavor without any of the burnt taste. However, we can roast to anyone’s specifications. (Unless you’re my dad requesting mud coffee.)
 We might have a lobster tail or two for sale as well if you ask 😀

See you soon!


2 thoughts on “Ahimsa Roasting : Coffee for a Cause

  1. Thanks for the BRAZIL OBERON yesterday.. just now French pressed it and even this non-coffee fella liked it!. Good luck and may have warm gentile winds abaft your beam today when leaving from Elephant Bay to Turks and Caicos.
    Fun meeting both of you. Take care of Lucille and she’ll take care of you no matter where your sails shall set you all. Take care have fun adventures…that’s what life is about.
    Sea ya later,
    Steve, Master of Mari’s Leonardo (your Water Is neighbor)


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