Let me introduce myself and friends

Let me introduce the characters of this roadtrip blog. 

First, there is jb: the guy, without whom, there would be no road trip.   He is a highly skilled Google mechanic. A recent law student grad from Florida state university who entertains himself with picking food out of his beard, closely following all new postings on Sailboatlistings.com and eating hummus.

Next we have the stinkiest, cuddliest roadtripper: MrChili.   A renowned nuerosurgeon, who wants world peace and endless buckets o’fish, preferably with a nice balsamic reduction. At 7 years old, he’s the most accomplished dog I know.


Jb’s least favorite van companion is my fat fluffy cat that is commonly mistaken for having a giant tumor. She used to have a more flattering figure, loves yoga, especially corpse pose (this is where u lay down and don’t move, like a corpse). 

Finally, there is me.   The one who said hey “let’s drive to Alaska” and a year later quit her job and said hey “let’s drive to florida.” I just learned that I am incapable of packing due to my attention to detail: I spent over an hour transferring shampoo and conditioner between bottles. This proved to be an issue when the landlord sprung on us last minute that the new tenants would be moving in same day we moved out. Ha. Anyways things I am good at include vacuuming, organizing, cooking, petting animals. 

But if you’re reading this you probably already know a little bit about us. 

A month ago, Jb made it very clear that no animals (i.e. The cat) are allowed in the bed while living in the van…so we wait for him to fall asleep…. I can’t say no to these furry friends. 

It’s day two, and we are about to pass through Tok and head for the Canadian boarder. We see snow in the Whitehorse forecast, and since vannie isn’t well equipped for such weather, we are in a bit of a hurry to make it to warmer temps.  

3 friends, one cat, in a van driving from Alaska to Florida. We don’t really have a plan on where we want to go, just want to go somewhere. Looking to travel down the coast of washington, oregon, california; but nothing is certain, just have to be back in Florida for Jb to take The Bar in February. 

I’m still learnjng how to use a blog, but follow along with us for the ride if you would like:) 


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