The Call of the Van

All winter she remained quiet, wrapped in a tarp, parked in the driveway of my midtown Anchorage duplex. Not forgotten- once a month she would get to feel the warmth of her engine rumble. With the melting of the snow, and JB’s return to Alaska after a final year of law school in Florida, Connie will have a second chance to reveal her cross-country (continent?) touring ability. When not fishing, JB spent his summer revamping, fixing and preparing vannie for a couple month long road trip to Florida. A short list of things done: replaced U-Joints, replaced motor mounts, fixed leaking coolant, leaking windows (most of them), installed legitimate seat belts, replaced headlights and installed floodlights… She is in much better condition to make it through Canada this time around.  

 Alaska is undobtedly entrancing, and would be a wonderful place to settle in … eventually. Shortly into my job, I knew cubicle life was not for me. So after a year of engineering with some very wonderful people, I join the ranks of the unemployed, or self-employed, to travel by van for a bit.

We just hit the road after breakfast with family, farewell to friends, a final Middle Way Cafe cupcake, purchase of a spare fuel pump, and a Costco stop to load up on chips,hummus  and gas.

So much love and gratitude for this past year of friendships, knowledge, yoga, mentorship, snow (even if it was mild), climbing, and laughter! ThankyouThankyouThankyou   


But I must heed the call of the van. 


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