Redwoods, Seals, Fog and Coastline

Since leaving Yosemite the driving has been a little nauseating for me, making it difficult to look at the computer screen and write blogs – JB does just fine however with the ups and downs after 9 months of living on a sailboat.  We got to the California coast just in time to miss the sunset and be questioned by a local who thankfully informed us that the fog was actually a chemical bomb dropped on us by the government. He then darted off once we answered “yes” to his question of whether or not we had passports.

Connie doesn’t take well to driving in the fog so we settled in at the closest campsite in MacKerricher State Park for the evening hoping the fog would depart by daybreak. The fog remained (below) but that did not prevent us from walking the coast and spotting some harbor seals that I have no pictures of.DSC_0009

We found a cute RV park further north up the coast across the street from Patrick’s Point state park in Humbolt County. While biking we enjoyed some giant redwoods (see uprooted tree below) , ocean waves and more fog.

DSC_0029 DSC_0035

We visited Redwood National Park and did some more biking (below). We started the 19 mile mountain bike trail a little late in the day (as we have no grasp on time these days). After lunch on the beach (and more seal spotting), completing the bike loop and returning to Connie with enough light to drive to our next camping spot in Oregon seemed unlikely.DSC_0044

Instead of completing the bike friendly trail, JB proposed taking the HIKE ONLY trail as a shortcut through the park. Although fun and easy at some points (below left), pulling our bikes uphill half the trail was less than optimal and likely took us longer than following through with the original bike trail. JB found himself repairing his Walmart bike after a couple falls (below right). He also successfully ruined one of the four pairs of shorts he brought on this month long road trip.

DSC_0055 DSC_0051

Surprisingly we crossed into Oregon with enough light to find a camping spot that landed us about 10 feet from the beach (below). For all those who didn’t think it possible, I would like to point out that Connie has made it from the SW corner of Florida to the SW corner of Oregon, and on to Alaska we go. We had to choose whether to cruise the Oregon coast or head inland for the Cascades. Given Connie’s past with driving mountain roads we stuck to the coast – with so much beauty either option would prove successful.


My favorite night by far was the fourth and final coastal night at Seal Rock in Oregon, as it was the only fogless sunset we enjoyed and I finally scored some pictures of seals (below). I’m still unsure how I will survive Alaska when I need to wear two pairs of pants, two shirts, one sweater, socks with Crocs, and one scarf to handle 55*F and a little wind. JB got “foot headaches” when he braved walking in the surf, only to be outdone by the local cruising the shoreline barefoot and in shorts. Good thing we had Connie to keep us warm.

DSC_0104DSC_0088DSC_0122 (2)


At Lincoln City we headed east for The Columbia River Gorge.




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