Doing our part to keep Austin weird

First I will share the ideal road trip route JB and I have planned out. Due to leaving a little late we may have to cut a couple places out but that will be determined in time.

Below is the link to the website I’m using to track where we go and when we get there.

Without stopping we drove from Tallahassee, FL to Austin, TX. Sparrow was less than delighted – panting uncontrollably and meowing in desperation. I provided some relief by soothing her and myself to sleep while JB drove the late shift of midnight till 5 a.m.  At some point during this time I was awoken by JB screaming my name to come up front and put my seatbelt (harness) on. I was halfway through an REM cycle and apparently hadn’t heard him shouting, for nearly 20 minutes, over the engine, rain, open windows, etc.. quite a startling first drive. Maybe I should briefly mention we are still improving the efficiency of the windshield wipers.

We stayed in a La Quinta just outside of downtown Austin for the evening (no pet fees!) because the van was unbearably hot without a working generator. JB has (unknowingly) become the official restaurant selector; I always take too long evaluating all 37 options provided by Google, whereas JB, electing the path of least resistance, chooses the name he likes best (or in this case, the name he knows I’d like best). This is how we ended up at The Vegan Nom (below)– a vegan taco food cart behind an alley – luckily the smell didn’t discourage us and we enjoyed four delicious vegan tacos (we ate them before a picture could be taken). Homemade vegan ice cream was the last stop before going to bed while the sun was still up.


Before heading out of Austin I decided to Google Austin bouldering to see if there was any rock climbing nearby – it just so happened we were practically within walking distance of a spot. It was my first time bouldering outside so I followed JB’s lead – except I need to wear climbing shoes while he plays around in slippers.

DSC_0900 DSC_0899

DSC_0903 DSC_0907

We got pretty dirty and weren’t thrilled on the idea of driving 17hrs to Moab, UT covered in sand. Instead we sought out a home with an eclectic assortment of decorations outside in hopes that the residents would be easy going and allow us to shower in their hose. Just our attempt to abide by the numerous bumper stickers requesting we “Keep Austin Weird.” We scored – met a couple with 3 babies and 2 dogs themselves looking to get on the road in a month and travel around. And I thought one cat was excessive.


Just takes a bit of climbing and showering to prepare us for some driving. After living in Houston, TX for 7 months I was hesitant to visit Texas again – but it is quite possible Austin has erased any lingering Houston scars.




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