When your camper van has a small electrical fire…

When your camper van has a small electrical fire your plans to travel from Florida to Alaska are temporarily postponed. However, eight days after the expected departure date, JB and I are traveling west on I-10 out of Tallahassee – when your A/C is a  fan blowing air over a cooler of Reddy Ice, you know its going to be a good time.

A day before our anticipated departure the generator decided it was time to stop working, hence no current to power the roof A/C unit; our dash A/C requires R-12 refrigerant which is no longer legal, so needless to say, Texas is hot. After day four of troubleshooting the generator (with moderate success) we conceded to Camping World for repair service only to be disappointed and $300 out of pocket. The option of purchasing a new gen came and went in .03 seconds – the time it took for Google to complete our search and display a price of $3,500 (that’s $1,000 more than the price of the van). Fortunately, only one cat, Sparrow, is hating me for embarking on this journey (she tried to escape in the Lowes parking lot after 10 minutes of driving). Sauce found a home in Florida and will be missing out on all the mountains (thanks Fabi <3).

Fire aside, the van has made some quite impressive decorative improvements. Take a look…

Flooring was put in (below left), food shelves were hung (below right),….

20140709_183516 20140709_183257

…seats were reupholstered, stereo and speakers connected (below).


We got to loading stuff up (too much stuff- but hey – I’m moving to Alaska) and I did some “decorating” (I hesitate to use this word because I truly just hung up items of mine I like).

We have a bed, a cat, homemade curtains (fabi take a look at the peace sign over the bed – wish you were here) and a mess of stuff….

20140719_101558 20140719_095834 20140719_101451

….a stocked kitchen and a JB safe in his harness….

20140719_104246 20140719_100338

…some elephants that provide a gentle ringing when it is quiet enough (meaning the van has to be off), overhead storage space, more cat….

20140719_095929 20140719_095746  20140719_095650

And last are our dashboard friends Bugaboo the Hawaiian Hula Singer (who is making his second road trip between Alaska and Florida) and Ronnie the Vegan Cow. Jb’s mom, Sandy, made a beautiful sun catcher for the van, that hangs from the rearview mirror, with sailboat and kitty charms.


We are still modifying the van and making improvements along the way, but it was time to get on the road and spend our first night in Austin before reaching Moab.



3 thoughts on “When your camper van has a small electrical fire…

  1. It looks great in there! Sparrow looks right at home. The elephants look lovely. Glad you’re safe. Wish I were there, sweating it out with you! At least you have a lil piece of me to take along 🙂


  2. You are too cute! Love the Pirates sign and the elephants! Glad to see that things are moving along nicely despite the fire. Love u! ☺️


  3. I am so late with commenting on your posts, but sounds like quite an adventure!! I love that you are doing this so much. Glad to know that you are keeping us all up to date with your destinations and van ordeals! Love you!!! Love the van!


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