Chemical Engineering & Alaska

After 5 years of a studying coma, also known to a few as chemical engineering, my brain seems to be revolting against me and any coherent thought processes.

crying doggie study

Below are examples of decisions made in this state of mind:

Moving to Alaska – Obviously this is still up for debate since I’ve yet to officially move- I’ll provide an update after my first winter. The 50*F Florida winters do not qualify.

Road tripping to Alaska with cats. Let me emphasize the “with cats” portion of this decision. For those that don’t know I have an unhealthy relationship with my two cats (please see below)  Sauce (left), Sparrow (center), crazy cat lady (right)
For those that own cats, I need not say anymore, and you can move forward to reading about my third questionable decision below. For those that don’t own cats, imagine travelling with 2 vomiting, nocturnal, meowing, shedding creatures that rub their butts on you. I should mention that just today Sparrow peed on our dirty clothing (even though she has a perfectly clean litter box nearby) and regurgitated a leaf that she ate 5 minutes before. My boyfriend, JB (there we are below), who is also joining me on this trip, recommends setting the cats free in a nearby forest. DSC_0742 (2)

Purchasing a Craigslist van – It is quite possible that I would have had better luck in finding my soul mate via Craigslist’s “personal missed connections” option than finding a decent camper van in my price range. I, knowing nothing about vans, relied heavily on JB, to find a mechanically sound van, that with *fingers crossed* would make it to Alaska. I’m incredibly grateful that this boy can fix anything with some zip ties and a drill.

In summary, I’m now moving to Alaska via a Craigslist camper van, with cats, all because of chemical engineering.

But unlike my first road trip, I will blog (or attempt to) about this trip to satiate my 3 friends that will be reading this – wish y’all were coming along for the ride!











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